4 Ways To Use Chat GPT Plus’ GPT-4 Model for Free!

Are you eager to explore the capabilities of GPT-4 without committing to a subscription plan? In today’s digital landscape, the power of AI is at your fingertips, and leveraging advanced models like GPT-4 doesn’t have to break the bank.

4 Ways To Use Chat GPT Plus’ GPT-4 Model for Free!

While ChatGPT Plus offers exclusive access to GPT-4 for a monthly fee, there are alternative avenues to harness the potential of this cutting-edge technology without spending a dime.

Can You Use GPT-4 for Free?

Absolutely! Despite the premium nature of GPT-4 and its association with ChatGPT Plus, there are legitimate ways to access this advanced model without a subscription.

By leveraging strategic partnerships and innovative platforms, you can tap into the power of GPT-4 and explore its capabilities at no cost.

1. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is a platform that integrates GPT-4 functionality within its AI chatbot. This integration enables users to leverage GPT-4’s capabilities seamlessly. To access GPT-4 through Microsoft Copilot, users can visit the Copilot website and sign in with their Microsoft account.

Microsoft Copilot Chat

Once logged in, users can interact with Copilot, which utilizes GPT-4 for generating responses to queries. Additionally, Copilot provides integration with DALL-E 3, allowing users to generate AI-generated images alongside text responses.

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Microsoft Copilot Dashboard

This method offers a straightforward way to experience GPT-4’s capabilities without the need for a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Microsoft Copilot Image Generator

2. Microsoft Bing

Another avenue for accessing GPT-4 for free is through the Microsoft Bing search engine. Bing incorporates GPT-4 functionality, allowing users to input prompts and questions directly into the search bar.

Microsoft Bing Search

When Bing detects an AI prompt, it provides GPT-4-powered responses within the search results. Alternatively, users can click on the Copilot button to open a dedicated Copilot window, providing access to GPT-4 capabilities.

Microsoft Bing Copilot

Similar to Microsoft Copilot, Bing also offers integration with DALL-E 3, enhancing the overall user experience. This method offers a convenient way to utilize GPT-4 directly within the Bing search engine interface.

3. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a platform that serves as a conversational AI search engine, offering users access to advanced AI models, including GPT-4. While the Pro version of Perplexity requires a subscription, free users can still access GPT-4 for one conversation every four hours.

Perplexity AI Signup

Additionally, Perplexity offers a free 7-day trial of its Pro plan, allowing users to experience GPT-4 capabilities without any upfront costs.

Perplexity AI Dashboard

By toggling the Pro search option, users can access GPT-4 responses to their queries, making it a viable option for those seeking to explore GPT-4’s capabilities.

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4. Merlin

Merlin is a Chrome extension that integrates GPT-4 powers directly into the user’s browser. Once installed, users can activate Merlin with a simple keyboard shortcut and utilize its features, including engaging in AI chatbot conversations and summarizing webpages.

Merlin Dashboard

Merlin operates on a credit system, where users receive 102 free credits daily for generating GPT-4 responses. The extension also offers access to other AI models, providing users with a versatile tool for various tasks.

This method offers a user-friendly approach to accessing GPT-4 without the need for a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Can You Use GPT-4 for Free on Hugging Face?

Can You Use GPT-4 for Free on Hugging Face?

While some platforms claim to offer free access to GPT-4, the reliability and consistency of these offerings may vary. Hugging Face, an open-source AI community, hosts spaces that integrate GPT-4 models, but the effectiveness of these models is subject to user experience.

While exploring alternative avenues for accessing GPT-4, it’s worth considering Hugging Face as a potential resource, albeit with a cautious approach.


In conclusion, accessing GPT-4 for free is not only possible but also within reach for curious enthusiasts and aspiring AI practitioners. By leveraging strategic partnerships, innovative platforms, and open-source communities, you can embark on a journey of AI exploration without financial barriers.

Whether you’re engaging in conversations, generating images, or summarizing content, GPT-4 empowers you to push the boundaries of AI innovation and unlock new possibilities. Embrace the opportunities that await and embark on your AI journey with confidence and curiosity.

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Chat GPT-4 for Free – FAQs

Yes, the methods outlined in the guide provide legitimate avenues for accessing GPT-4 without requiring a subscription or payment.

While these methods offer access to GPT-4, the features and functionalities may be limited compared to premium subscription plans.

While the effectiveness may vary, these methods provide valuable opportunities to explore GPT-4 and assess its capabilities firsthand.

As with any online platform, it’s essential to exercise caution and ensure data privacy and security when interacting with AI models.

Yes, if you find value in using GPT-4 and require additional features or support, you can explore premium subscription options offered by ChatGPT.

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